You may have seen Ryan's work featured on our recent editorial or during Madonna's Rebel HearT Tour but now you can meet the face using the back of our jackets as his canvas.

How did you decide to start painting jackets?

I created a few pieces of artwork last year in consideration for the Madonna Rebel Heart Tour. I knew she was a fan of Banksy so I took inspiration from him and digitally created street art by incorporating her in a stencil style. It wasn't until the tour kicked off that I discovered that she'd chosen my work. Seeing it in flash by one of the screens behind her was one of the most surreal experiences of my life.

Through the process I became really interested in street art, not just creating it but spending hours looking through graffiti images on Instagram. I eventually wanted to give life to the images I was creating but wasn't interested in spray-painting outside. So the idea came to me to spray paint my designs onto the back of denim jackets but the spray didn't really take to the denim, so after a lot of trial and error I settled on painting with acrylic based fabric paints. 

I really like the idea of essentially wearing a canvas on your back with a statement about what/who you're into. Most of my designs are inspired by the 80's/90's and Pop culture.

Where you always interested in design?

Always. I don't think there's an area in design that I'm not interested in although I've mainly been involved in Graphic Design and Creative Retouching for the past 10 years. I never expected to go back to painting and I hadn't lifted a brush since school but life's weird like that.

What has been your favourite experience so far? 

I have a lot of passion for every project I have taken on so it's hard to choose one. I came up with the concept for a health campaign that was used across London, brought 80's characters into the real world and now paint on denim but if you take a look through my portfolio, you can see all makes sense.

Bespoke paited jackets available upon request