Meet our new muse and stay tuned for the upcoming story with this stunner! 

Photography Pedro Matos
Makeup Poppy Micklem
Production Frederica Santos
Retoucher Carlotta Mega
Model Jordan @ First Model Management

How long have you been modelling and why did you decide to become a model?

I've been modelling for roughly four years now. I started by doing some hair work and undergoing a drastic look change before applying to agencies at 19. I though taking a different, unexpected and spontaneous career choice was a good one, especially at the time. Definitely no regrets!

Where you always interested in the fashion industry? Did you know anything about it beforehand?

As a child, my interest in fashion was non existent. I was always very tomboy-ish. I kicked around in dungarees and never brushed my hair! In my teens I just dyed my hair continuously in as many crazy colours as possible... I still laugh looking back at the pictures! Only when I started modelling did I gain more interest in fashion and my appearance. Definitely all about the less is more look and now I also know how to compliment my features and body without going overboard like I used to! 

What was your favourite experience while modelling?

My favourite experience has to be shooting with world famous and incredible photographer Ellen Von Unwerth.