It was chance that made us stumble into Katie's graduation collection but it was her unique approach to lingerie design that made us fall in love.

Photographer: Pedro Matos
Makeup: Poppy Micklem
Retoucher: Joana Kabakaite

Why have you decided to become a lingerie designer? 
Before studying Fashion Contour at London College of Fashion I studied in a dance college. I would have to wear sports bras day in and day out for the entirety of the time I spent studying there. These are not the most attractive things to wear so this lead to me wanting to find beautiful sets of underwear to wear whenever I have the chance outside of the dreaded sports bra! This developed a huge passion and excitement over lingerie, that when I suddenly had to change courses due to an unexpected injury in my dance career, Contour Design it seemed like the best place for me to be, and a great starting point for my career.

Were you always interested in design? 
Growing up in a house full of artistic people really has had a huge influence on my interests and work process. I have always had a massive interest in design using it as a tool to create and express what’s in my imagination.  

What has been your favorite experience so far? 
I really don’t think I could pick one favorite experience! Although my top three would be my years interning at Agent provocateur, was an amazing experience working along side a passionate design team to create outstanding lingerie. This is an experience any lingerie designer would dream about. Finishing my final collection and organising a photo-shoot to bring my garments to life, capturing them in a state of play. This was such a satisfying experience to see the images I love the reaction I have received from my collection it really gives me a further drive to design and create lingerie that people can enjoy and feel great in.

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